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        Canadian MoneySaver is an acclaimed personal finance magazine with a recognized reputation for providing a trustworthy and down-to-earth service since 1981. Available nationally in print and online versions.

        • CMS News and events

        •  The September 2021 edition of Canadian MoneySaver has been mailed.


        • Canadian MoneySaver still prints Magazines!

        In October, an interesting development occurred in the publishing space. Rogers Communications, publisher of MoneySense and dozens of other titles, decided to stop printing it and numerous other magazines.


        Sure, maybe it is a sign of the times, as the whole world goes digital. But, we think, it is also a bad move. There are a lot of customers who still like printed copies of magazines. Maybe they’re older, but their money is just as good as a young customer’s. Maybe they just prefer printed copies, like many do.


        Here at MoneySaver, we have no plans to stop printing. If you want a printed version of your magazine mailed to your house, you can still get one. We have no intention of stopping as long as we have dedicated readers.


        So, if you know some neighbours and friends who don’t like this total shift to the digital world, perhaps
        direct them to our magazine for a printed version. Keep in mind we have a referral service, where you
        get extra months added to your subscription if you refer a new customer to us.


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